Equip your team with 360-degree views that help connect and engage every patient on a one on one basis.


Win over and keep patients by building best-in-class experiences by delivering personalized reminders for wellness visits.


Simplify the patient experience by engaging them prior to, during and in-between the appointments.

2-Way SMS

Communicate on a person-to-person level.


Our campaign module is designed to activate patients and improve care

Our health campaigns allow you to connect with patients before, during, or after the visit through targeted messages that engage them in their care, drive follow-up appointments, and enhance quality performance for your organization. You can educate patients about the care they need and then give them the opportunity to take charge of their health.


Patients can easily self-schedule or request the appropriate appointment, such as medicare annual wellness visits or diabetic eye exams.


"Oculus is so easy to use that it has revolutionized our practice. We heavily utilize Health Campaign Manager to keep our patients and their caregivers informed of overdue wellness exams and of vaccination schedules that need to be completed. Oculus allows us to quickly segment our patient population for critical health outreach campaigns that allow us to meet our PCMH requirements while maintaining an engaged and healthy patient population.”


Jane C,  Practice Administrator