Empower patients to seamlessly schedule their own appointments 24/7.


Ensuring patient access has never been easier. Oculus Health's no-fuss web scheduling widget empowers your patients to make appointments anytime, anywhere.


Smart, two-way reminder system goes beyond text appointment confirmations. Create customizable messages that patients can engage with — reply, reschedule, and even join wait-lists.


  • Send text reminders about appointments and care that your patients can directly respond to

  • Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations for your practice with seamless patient engagement


When a patient cancels an appointment, Our system goes through your wait-list to fill the open slot so other patients can see you sooner. All schedule updates are sync’ed with your practice management calendar.


  • Let Oculus Health automatically fill last-minute cancellations with a new appointment

  • Send appointment offers to patients one-by-one or on a first-come, first-serve basis

  • Reduce inefficient phone calls, and see more patients


We manage your time, boost revenue, and fill in communication gaps for your organization.

Our smart appointments module can supercharge your EHR to automate what matters. Whether it’s tackling that pile of referrals or finding a smoother way to fill canceled appointments, Connected Clinic can handle the nitty-gritty all without you ever picking up the phone.



“Thanks to the real-time appointment scheduling between Connected Clinic and Athena, we now have a dashboard that allows our managers to see patient appointment requests from inside the EHR. This is huge, not only did we increase our patient volumes significantly but helped our staff to spend time on more important tasks.”


Jonathan M, Practice Director