The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is a valuable opportunity to build strong relationships with patients, identify and document health risks, and complete a number of important preventive care activities.


With Connected Clinic, your patients are our patients. We check in on them regularly and help them manage their conditions at home. On average, over 85% of patients report improved health with Empower.


Medicare provides reimbursments to practices who utilize our Preventative care. Our services take away the need for implementing and maintaining the program yourself, so you can focus on patient care and we do the rest.

Our Approach to AWVs


At Connected Clinic, we recognize the need and the importance for Medicare patients to receive an AWV. We see the value in preventative care and helping patients stay healthy.


We integrate wellness assessments to all eligible patients based on your schedule so your staff or providers don’t have to rake their brains.  Our solution includes all the questions that must be addressed during the health risk assessment including care gaps such as mammograms, colonoscopies, medication adherence, and immunizations. We also offer expanded services and screenings to accompany our software offering that provides everything needed to fully administer AWVs.

We understand the importance and necessity of customizing ouThis proactive, holistic approach to care is intended to forestall expensive and disruptive events such as unnecessary emergency department use or an avoidable hospitalization.

Software Only

  • Training and software for the practice to manage the entire Annual Wellness Visit from start to finish

  • Software that generates a personalized preventative care plan for the physician and the patient

Software & Scheduling

Se\curing  patient list from the provider

  • Checking the eligibility of the patients and determine who is eligible for the G0438 or the G0439

  • Contacting and scheduling the patients on behalf of the physician

  • Providing ongoing training to in-office staff that will be performing the health risk assessment


“I use Connected Clinic software for CCM and RPM. The software looks at the patient record and guides me to ask the right questions and identify and solve problems for my clients. Recently, the software helped discover my client’s insurance was not covering his insulin.


I knew this was a problem, and wanted to do something about it immediately. So I called his pharmacy, as well as his doctor, and had them send over a list of alternative prescriptions that were authorized by his insurance. He was able to go pick up his new prescription the same day! He even called me back to thank me! Connected Clinic software helps me reach more patients effectively and deliver useful care management. ”