When a client reaches out to tell us how much happier their patients have been since utilizing Oculus solutions, we look at the data. Here are the averages of what we find in the customized provider report, completed by REAL patients.


Patients report that they are much more likely to meet their health goals and stay on track.


85% of patients report their overall health is improved, and they are in better control of their condition.


92% of patients report that they feel more engaged with their provider, and have better access to care when they need it.


88% of patients are extremely satisfied with their dedicated care manager. Many report they look forward to receiving a call from their care manager.

Success Story from Rebecca, an Oculus Care Manager

“I was recently checking in on one of my patients, and he sounded a little less than his usual self. After talking to him for a few minutes, I discovered that his insurance was not covering his insulin.

I knew this was a problem, and wanted to do something about it immediately. So I called his pharmacy, as well as his doctor, and had them send over a list of alternative prescriptions that were authorized by his insurance. He was able to go pick up his new prescription the same day! He even called me back to thank me!”